Luxury Townhomes Starting from $230k in the beautiful community of Granville. Welcome to your New Home.


The Bungalow

2 bedroom

2 bathroom

Living 1056 Sq.Ft.

Outdoor living 97 Sq.Ft.

Total 1,153 Sq.Ft.


The 2 Bed, 2 Storey

2 bedroom

2 Bathroom

Indoor living 1,121 Sq. Ft.

Outdoor living 190 Sq. Ft.

Garage 251 Sq. Ft.

Total 1,562 Sq. Ft.


The 3 Bed, 2 Storey

3 bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

Indoor living 1,212 Sq.Ft.

Outdoor Living 162 Sq.Ft.

Garage 288 Sq.Ft.

Total 1,662 Sq.Ft.

Buying a home from Footprint Developments is one of the best things I have done for myself and my family.


If you are driving from our Strand in Rosenthal Development follow the orange arrows. 2050 Glastonbury Blvd.